Ramen Again

I went to Underbelly for my ramen fix three times within a seven-day span.  My wife called me obsessed yet I brought take out every single time for her.  =)  Some people on Yelp ridicule the broth for taste and / or variety (they only have one) and their choice of meats.  Plain and simple, I enjoy it for what it is.  It's ramen conceived with the chefs' persona and he made it his own.  That is all.  Enjoy it for what it is not for something you were thinking it would be.  Norah sure did!

Norah Underbelly Ramen

Norah Water

Tastemade-ing on Anniversary at Underbelly

Adelle and I decided to keep it fancy but simple. She knew that I loved ramen so we headed down to Little Italy to enjoy Underbelly. While there, I decided that we could make a quick Tastemade video. It's the first of many and we're just learning the trade. Check it out!

Underbelly Tastemade