New May Schedule: 14 out of 16

Check out the new May Schedule!  I'm on Day Four of a Four day but if you could really include tomorrow's 2-day as part of this trip, so it's day 4 of 6.  Then I have one day off, followed by another 4-day, one day off, then another 4-day.  Why am I doing this to myself?  Well, if you look at the new updated May Schedule, I'm going to have 14 days off in a row!  It's a great thing too because with all the days off, I'm still going to get paid more than I would be in months where I only have 11 days off.  I'm so far scheduled to be credited for 86.xx hours!  I definitely could use the extra $300 or so in the check that comes in on the 15th of each month. 

I'm loving the captains that I've been flying with and hope not to jinx the upcoming pairings.  The only think that is killing me though is my ongoing issues with my back.  The pilot seats don't do anything positive to improve it and flying these next few days without proper rest I'm sure isn't going to give it enough time to recover.  On top of that, carrying my bags totaling about 100lbs. I'm sure just makes it that much better. 

Time to start strengthening my core muscles.  I think that I'm going to start swimming laps.  I'm glad that the Tributary HOA finally opened the pool again!!!