Funking it up...#WTF?

My new WTF = What the Funk!!!  Over the past few months, tasks after tasks, lists upon more lists, items to check off but yet more to really just piles up and I curl up into a ball.  It's really not necessarily just that but I feel like it is detrimental to my health...mental health.  After long bouts of random work schedules, 4 days on with a late duty out causing me to hang out in Atlanta for 3 days in a row followed by an early duty in for a 3 day, then a 2 day  followed by a day line then onto San Diego???  I just freaking veg'd out once again being a complete waste of humanity.  To mention it, the homily last Sunday the 7th of March, was all about being useful with an emphasis on not useless.  I took a dive into the other direction.  When it comes down to it, I decompress HARD!  How do I just keep it going? I'm finally back to being the tech addict, insomniac, laptop internet hungry person, ideas floating around my head...etc.  it's good to be back once again strong, but how they hell do I keep on going?  Maybe it's my diet?

goodnight from Omaha

Whirlwind of Work

This post is brought to you by:LogTenProBanner2008It's been a crazy tour of duty / flying the last couple weeks. From jumpseating almost every week back and forth to San Diego, taking care of the honey who caught the flu bug, food tasting for the wedding and the latest drama with my car's battle against a pole traveling at 5MPH and don't forget doing some work for my podcast, peak interest, I'm a little over-worked. I'm loving every minute of it without a doubt but my personal time has been limited as of late. I'm just glad that I'm able to use some inflight WiFi brought to you for FREE by eBay, Delta and gogoinflight! Thanks guys!

Here are some pictures from work over the last few days. (make sure to click on the pics for a larger / full photo) flying in the early morning...or late afternoon?! flying over who knows's flat! a bright early, crisp morning same shot in the early morning the sun still barely creeping the ATL Control Tower in the background & my aircraft

I finally had some time and configured an affiliate link to introduce you to Coradine's LogTen Pro for Mac and iPhone! If you plan on buying it, it'd help me out if you used the link below. Check it out! It's the best in the ENTIRE industry. I'd even recommend that you buy an Apple / Mac computer just to use this awesome piece of software and an iPhone to pair it with for immediate logging of flight time!


January Schedule

It's up and the finals are out. I have two days of recurrent ground and I'm flying Saturday through Tuesday only because with that, I was able to get a bit of days off in a row for a mini vacation. I have no idea where we're going or what I'll be doing, but it'll be something on the low end scale of things. I can't see 2009 being extravagant at all!

June Schedule

For those of you that did not notice, I didn't have a regular June Schedule posted for quite a while.  This is due to the fact that I kept on switching things around in Open Time and now, there you have it.  Yes I have been "off" for the greater part of the month, but as you can see, I'll be working the next couple of days.  I'll still be trying to build up trips and make them longer so that I could get paid a little more, but as of now, this is it.  It's definitely a pretty light load though don't you think?

New May Schedule: 14 out of 16

Check out the new May Schedule!  I'm on Day Four of a Four day but if you could really include tomorrow's 2-day as part of this trip, so it's day 4 of 6.  Then I have one day off, followed by another 4-day, one day off, then another 4-day.  Why am I doing this to myself?  Well, if you look at the new updated May Schedule, I'm going to have 14 days off in a row!  It's a great thing too because with all the days off, I'm still going to get paid more than I would be in months where I only have 11 days off.  I'm so far scheduled to be credited for 86.xx hours!  I definitely could use the extra $300 or so in the check that comes in on the 15th of each month. 

I'm loving the captains that I've been flying with and hope not to jinx the upcoming pairings.  The only think that is killing me though is my ongoing issues with my back.  The pilot seats don't do anything positive to improve it and flying these next few days without proper rest I'm sure isn't going to give it enough time to recover.  On top of that, carrying my bags totaling about 100lbs. I'm sure just makes it that much better. 

Time to start strengthening my core muscles.  I think that I'm going to start swimming laps.  I'm glad that the Tributary HOA finally opened the pool again!!!