Funking it up...#WTF?

My new WTF = What the Funk!!!  Over the past few months, tasks after tasks, lists upon more lists, items to check off but yet more to really just piles up and I curl up into a ball.  It's really not necessarily just that but I feel like it is detrimental to my health...mental health.  After long bouts of random work schedules, 4 days on with a late duty out causing me to hang out in Atlanta for 3 days in a row followed by an early duty in for a 3 day, then a 2 day  followed by a day line then onto San Diego???  I just freaking veg'd out once again being a complete waste of humanity.  To mention it, the homily last Sunday the 7th of March, was all about being useful with an emphasis on not useless.  I took a dive into the other direction.  When it comes down to it, I decompress HARD!  How do I just keep it going? I'm finally back to being the tech addict, insomniac, laptop internet hungry person, ideas floating around my head...etc.  it's good to be back once again strong, but how they hell do I keep on going?  Maybe it's my diet?

goodnight from Omaha