Verizon Adds Over 800k 4G Smartphone Users

Customer defections, also known as churn in the telecommunications industry, for Verizon's wireless postpaid business dipped to 0.90 percent versus the 0.99 percent estimated by FactSet.

Verizon said it added 842,000 4G smartphones to its postpaid customer base in the quarter.

Does this number include those that were already non smartphone subscribers? Just wait until Apple releases the iPhone 6S / Plus S next quarter. I'm betting that all those iPhone 5 & iPhone 5S users will upgrade. 

Online iPhone 5 Pre-Order Fiasco

For some reason, Apple thought that handing out online reservation tickets would be a great idea. It was a complete and utter disaster that prevented me from ordering any of my phones and now I might be stuck waiting in line if I want the new iPhone 5 on day 1, September 21. Yes, it could have been AT&T's fault due to carrier processing on subsidize costs and eligibility, but that's doesn't matter.  I hated every minute of it.  None of the "reservations" say that they phone will deliver by the 21st but instead say 2 week shipping.  I logged into Verizon Wireless website where 2 hours after this whole ordeal took 3 minutes to go through and complete. I'm just waiting for my confirmation that I'm moving from one crappy company to the other "pompous, more expensive because we know we can be" carrier.  Hopefully the grass is greener on the other side.

Here are some images that you'll enjoy that pretty much depicts what I went through.