Murphy's Law

If anything can go wrong, it will.  It all started last night while doing my post flight walk around in Harrisburg, PA.  As I was walking down the stairs, the moisture on one of the steps made me lose my footing, and I came close to doing a face plant on the asphalt.  Of course, because of that close call, I sprain and twist my ankle a bit and just continued to limp around the aircraft.  We finally arrived at the hotel and while getting off the shuttle, I hit my head so freaking hard on the van door that I end up seeing stars and falling forward a little, almost, once again catching myself before the concrete sidewalk.  I'm still feeling a bump about 26 hours later. 

I wake up this morning, have a great breakfast and head back to my room.  After my shower, I grab an undershirt out of my luggage bag, head back to the bathroom and slip on some water but caught myself on the sink by holding onto the tile counter.  I'm definitely not that clumsy at all, and over the previous 12 hour period, I find myself already with 3 strikes.  Today was going to be a great day. 

Of course, after a deadhead back to Atlanta, we find out that our flight to Southbend, Indiana is delayed about 1.5 hours.  This has to happen on the last roundtrip of a four day trip.  We finally take off and once we land in Southbend, we find out that the flight back Atlanta is delayed also another hour.  So that means that my connection back home to San Diego edges closer to being a non-reality.  With all the weather in the vicinity of the Atlanta Airport, I luck out and find out that both Delta and AirTran flights to San Diego are going to be delayed.  We fly back, hang out on the taxiways in Atlanta waiting for the ramp to open up and I run to the next gate. 

I'm finally on the AirTran plane Flight 616 that finally ended up leaving around 1:30AM.  The flight was originally scheduled at 9:45PM, but I guess things have a funny way of working out.  I'm going to land in San Diego around 2:30AM, head to the DMV around 10:30AM to take care of some car registration an then finish up some loose ends back at the house.  It's going to be a good start though.  August is here and so is the last half of the year.  At least most of the little karmic critters are out of the way.