End of Lake Jennings Camping & Beginning of a Rare 4-Day Trip

Day 3 of 3 camping at Lake Jennings. A definitely better night's sleep for all. Missed out on some awesome fireside chat since I fell asleep putting Benji down. Snoozed a bit longer than intended but we all had an awesome pancake breakfast brought to you by one of the awesome camping moms. This trip couldn't have been as successful without the planning of one of the most organized camping moms!

I found out I got assigned a four day trip so after packing up, went home, had lunch, took an awesome shower then napped up until I had to go and drive to Long Beach. Took an extra hour because of traffic and of course the plane was late so I was on time!

Lake Jennings Part 1 of 3

Day 1 of 3 camping at Lake Jennings and I'm setting up the camp site by myself. Norah helped out quite a bit in setting up our Marmot Limelight 3P and unloading all the sleeping gear from the car and into the tent. Bought two Coleman Sleeping Bags 2-in-1 from Costco and they're pretty awesome. Also bought a Lightspeed Sleeping Pad too just in case. If you head to Costco right now, it's all camping gear and beach gear! I need to make another run!