Long Beach Airport Must Allow More Flights

Now, a recent recalculation of that formula using the noise production data of today’s quieter jetliners concluded that Long Beach must allow at least 50 flights a day (if demand exists for that many). Under the terms of the Long Beach noise ordinance, airport officials now have less than 30 days to offer nine additional sets of landing and takeoff rights to the airline community. If no such offer is made, the city’s airport noise ordinance will be voided and, at least in theory, the city would have to allow airlines to offer as many flights there as the facility can handle physically.

I hope that JetBlue capitalizes on these slots! Even more so, I hope that JetBlue and the city of Long Beach can agree to have a customs terminal built and begin some awesome Mexico or even Canadian flying!

update: picture of the Airbus A320 that I flew out of Long Beach on the 16th of December 2015 as a Long Beach based First Officer. 

Introducing Dr. Bobby Nourani, D.O.

Let me start off by saying that this gentleman is truly an inspiration.   His passion, desire and vision shines light on what a true family doctor is and should be.  Without a doubt, he is a remarkable individual.  Yeah, that might sound a little much but, deep down, it's what I really believe. Dr. Bobby Nourani has taught me, enlightened me as well as treated me in times of need, friendship and bro-hood.   I have known Babak "Bobby" Nourani since 1999.  We shared a few class together during our years at the University of California, San Diego and have been close friends since. Back then, I was an Animal Physiology / Neuroscience Major and he was already set on being a doctor so common ground was established. We attended great parties, had good friends and overall excellent times.

Fast forward 4 years later, he comes running down the stadium stairs, finds me in line for the general procession and we graduate. I ended up in Management and he finished what he originally started. Being convinced by the power of Osteopathy while assisting physicians at the Osteopathic Center for Children, he enrolled at Midwestern University-Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine and attained his medical degree. We kept in touch through the years as I transitioned to being a full-time commercial pilot, but Dr. Bobby Nourani never wavered.   Completing an internship year at Pacific Hospital of Long Beach, Dr. Bobby Nourani has reached his final year of Osteopathic Family Medicine Residency training and has become Co-Chief Resident.

I'm proud to be his friend, colleague and confidant. In being so, Dr. Bobby Nourani has just launched his website, http://www.vitalosteopathy.com and is actively seeking to promote his practice serving Southern California. I have personally received his treatment and am proud to call him my future family's primary doctor. Please visit http://www.vitalosteopathy.com for more information regarding his practice and methodology.


I even graced him with the honor of being one of my groomsmen at my wedding two months ago!

Another testament to his awesomeness can be found here: http://lorithemidwife.wordpress.com/2010/09/23/dr-bobby-nourani-do/ and of course, you can also follow him on twitter via: drnourani or even check out his CV.