The Possessive Investment in My "I"

I have just finally finished Jacques Lusseyran's Collection of Selected Writings called "Against the Pollution of the I." For everyone out there that thinks that they are the shiznitz (sorry for the slang) and / or believes that they are more important that the other person ordering a tall, non fat, half-caff, 1 shot of vanilla and hazelnut, latte with an extra shot of espresso coffee drink in the local Starbucks while dangling your precious keys and purses, this is a read that should humble you. I say humbling because it talks about someone's journey that puts our plights to shame. Of course, if you are more into yourself than the average Joe, then maybe it might not. I can assure you though that coupled with his amazingly written autobiography, "And There Was Light," both these works will make have you understand that there is a lot more to life than what's inside of your head. Please read them so that we can all just love one another already and just get along. Maybe we can also meet up and have a book club. =)

Unhappiness, I saw then, comes to each of us because we think ourselves at the center of the world, because we have the miserable conviction that we alone suffer to this point of unbearable intensity.

Poetry in Buchenwald, Against the Pollution of I p.179

I will write a more thorough review at a later entry. Hope that you look forward to that.