Reach Across the Aisle

Can you come to an unanimous agreement when it comes to receiving an awesome benefit such as a free flight?

From the capital to the campaign trail, political partisanship and a contentious election make disagreement feel like the new normal. It is clear that the country is divided. Or is it? Can compromises be made for the greater good? See what happens when unsuspecting JetBlue customers are tasked with putting aside personal differences to reach across the aisle.

Have I mentioned that I love working here? 

Lowering Your Expectation of the Cuban Cigar

With the potential influx of Cuban Cigars, maybe they aren't that great anyways.

In the view of some experts, the appeal of Cuban cigar tobacco has been overtaken in recent years by stogies from Nicaragua, as well as the Dominican Republic and Honduras, many made by Cuban exiles.

In fact, the best cigar of 2014, revealed on Thursday by Cigar Aficionado magazine, is Nicaraguan, the Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado.

via NYTimes

On top of that, this month's Cigar Aficionado is loaded with some great articles. Check it out!

Cigar Aficionado