New MacBook Pros Still Lack Elite Gaming Graphics

If you really want to do some gaming on your new MacBook Pro, there is one option available to you. The high-end 15-inch MacBook Pro (starting at £2,350) can be configured to use the Radeon Pro 460 for an additional £180. The Pro 460 will get you up to 1080p @ 60FPS in some games, with higher quality settings.

It's really unfortunate that NVidia couldn't get their new amazing mobile chipset out in time for the new MacBook Pros.

Pokemon Go Conspiracy

It’s hard to imagine what the government really thinks of Pokémon Go and there’s little indication the app is actually an organized plot to turn users into surveillance drones, ready-to-be-deployed as a zombie swarm.

Even the location profile from the app seems rather useless, given that people are exploring areas and walkways that they would otherwise ignore. If the app is directing the user, how much does the data really tell us about the user? Not much.

Seriously though. Just go outside and try it out. I've seen people all around the country playing this game and a lot of friends going out on field trips. It's definitely stimulated a different kind of gaming.

Do you Clash?

The company made profits (before certain items) of €848 million, or $964 million, on revenues of €2.109 billion, or $2.326 billion. That compares to earnings before income tax, depreciation, and amortization of €515 million, or $592 million, in 2014, on revenues of €1.545 billion, or $1.777 billion.

Clash of Clans, which debuted in August, 2012, accounted for the bulk of that revenue, though Supercell didn’t say how much. The game was ranked at either No. 1 or No. 2 during the course of 2015 on the top-grossing list. It’s not official, but it’s pretty clear that Clash of Clans is the most successful app in the world.

And to this day, my friends and I are declaring "war" every weekend. And yes, I am also playing their new game, Clash Royale. It's addicting and still fun. 

Star Wars: Battlefront Falling Out of Favor Quickly

With only a handful of maps and guns to play around with, it's hard not to raise eyebrows at the luxury $50 price tag of Battlefront's Season Pass DLC—with the small quantity of repetitive content on offer drawing some parallels with 2014's Destiny. The key difference here is quality and timescale—Bungie's shooter nailed the gunplay so hard that doing the same thing over and over wasn't galling for many, but Battlefront loses most of its appeal after just one or two hours.

So what is this, then? It's gorgeous and far more fun to watch than play, so it's fantastic for anyone who wants to show off a new telly. Apart from that, it's fundamentally just a very expensive way to immerse yourself in Star Wars. The mileage on this magic will certainly vary, and when it fades you're in for a very boring ride.

After a few matches with friends, it definitely falls off short of what could have been a much better game. I'm already friends move t Call of Duty Black Ops 3 or back to Destiny's The Taken King. Too bad. I still enjoy it a bit here and there but for $59.99 then another $49.99 for the DLC pack, sorry. I'm not buying it.

Play This: "Mountain" -- a Mountain Simulator

I'm dead serious. If you watched Her, you'll be familiar with the creator of Mountain. In his first official game, David O'Reilly sets the bar for something different -- a Mountain Simulator! Not quite a game, but more like a screensaver that's somewhat interactive, it's quite awesome. Available on iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux, it's either $0.99 on iOS or $1.00 depending on how much you want to donate. And yes, it's running in the background as I type this post. Featuring: - no controls - automatic save - audio on/off switch - time movies forward - things grow and things die - nature expresses itself - ~50 hours of gameplay - once generated, you cannot be regenerated

Grand Turismo 6 for $39.99 for 1 Week Only!

If you're into racing games, the quintessential and ultimate racing game for Sony's Playstation 3 is on sale for $39.99! What makes this deal so special is that it also includes $1 million in in-game racing credits allowing you customize your car to your wildest dreams! That's $20 off the current going price plus $1M credit for the finest racing game ever made. Taking full advantage of the PS3's power and ability, this game came close to looking better or at least just as good as some of the next generation console titles. Buy it now at your favorite retailer or use my link below to help support this site via Amazon. You can get a code to download it right away via the Playstation Store or receive the physical disc, but whatever you do, you have one week! See you on the track!

Grand Turismo 6  GT6 PS3