Microsoft's Surface Book is Exciting

Tablet mode becomes possible because the battery and Intel Core processor are built into the screen half of the hybrid laptop, while that high-powered GPU is in the keyboard base. The idea is that you’d use the device in laptop mode, while connected to that graphics processor, when playing games, editing video, or typing. When you want to use it as a less-powerful clipboard-size tablet, it detaches from that GPU-packed base for lighter tasks. You can also re-attach the top half of the device display-side up for “draw mode,” which gives you access to that GPU and screen at the same time, albeit with a little more bulk.

That's one way to upend the new iPad Pro's graphics (or lack there of) capabilities. It's interesting to see the benchmarks coming out in November and December. Where's my Skylake enabled Retina MacBook Pro Apple?


Also Updated in Tech

Amazon updated their line of Kindles, Microsoft launched their new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 line and Sony released new Walkmans. (wait... people still use Walkmans?) My takes:

Amazon Kindle:

They are all beautiful devices especially at the new entry-level price of $139 for the Kindle Fire HD.  Unfortunately, I still love reading on the Kindle Paperwhite but for only and additional $20, it's tempting especially to those that are without a tablet and are love the Amazon ecosystem.

New 2013 Kindles

At $229, the brand new 7" Kindle FIre HDX is directly competing with Google's Nexus 7.  The screen is rated at an amazing 323 ppi! Once again, if Amazon is your jam, this might be the goto tablet but if you find yourself wanting to directly interact more with the Android system, then the 2013 Nexus 7 is still the best bet.

Microsoft Surface 2:

I want to like them.  I was really impressed with the build quality of the Surface Rt & Pro Gen 1 but as with Gen 2, I still find them too expensive when coupled with a keyboard.  The touchscreen is nice and Microsoft is making leaps and bounds in advancing the Windows 8 system and ecosystem.  I'm still confused on its identity especially with the fact that the pricing model on the Surface Pro 2 brings it inline with the MacBook Air.

The bump in resolution is much welcomed.  The two position kickstand and longer battery life is also a plus.

I have no idea why the new commercials are comparing the Surface RT to an iPad.  They are different tablets for different users.  And I still hate RT.  I mean I guess iOS is a trimmed down OS X but it's not necessarily a bastardised version. If they included Windows 8.1 throughout the lineup, I think it'd help their fragmentation issues.  Because of that, I'm all for the Pro model but then again, the increase in price negates it's as an option.  $899???

Surface 2


I'm always curious on to who uses Walkmans, but if you want Hi-Res music playback, then I guess Sony is a pretty good bet. At $760, that's a little steep. I'm too lazy right now and don't think this will really interest most of you so I'll just link directly to Engadget's write-up here.

Shift in Computing

Bob O'Donnell, IDC Program Vice President, on the IDC Quarterly report.

"At this point, unfortunately, it seems clear that the Windows 8 launch not only failed to provide a positive boost to the PC market, but appears to have slowed the market..."

It's a bad time to be a vendor of PCs or Windows 8 for that matter.

IDC PC Shipments Steepest Decline