The Truth has Come!!!

For sometime now, the program that I am in has been getting a lot of negative views from current pilots (those who did their time), Embry Riddle Undergraduate Students and quite a few others in the aviation field that know what...ignorant. That's all I can say. I have always been open minded about quite a lot of issues, especially those that offer a different opinion and idea and research and then form my base. The information that I'm about to share with you guys, I have known for a while but only until now went public. Here is the link to the press release by CAPT.

The first three grads, the first three job placements. There are actually other grads that are also getting jobs, but I cannot disclose that information just yet. So far, 100% of the graduating classes (8 pilots total) have received contracts. *nuff said*

Here are two pictures of the MD-90 Simulator that is just so good, the hours you spend in there count towards your real jet time.

This is is a pictures of the outside of the simulator. For perspective, you can fit about 3+3 sitting down and still enough for standing room. Here is the picture of the inside.