Qualifying Events

Well, after my first three weeks at CAPT, the first Qualifying Event arrives next Wednesday. A Qualifying Event is basically a final. Passing is considered 90% or higher which gets you 4 points and if you don't pass, you take it a second time for 2 points where you still have to get a 90% or higher. Well, there are a bunch of QEs and with that, the total amount of points in the program equate to 169. There is some bonus point or something like that. But to graduate Summa Cum Laude, you need to have 163 or more. That's what I'm gunning for. This first QE is 100 questions, multiple choice, so I'm hoping that I can get 100%. We'll see.

I have a quiz on Friday with about 83 questions and then I have that other set of essay questions due tomorrow. Better get going. Oh yeah, we fly on Friday if it doesn't rain. And the weather is great!