The low down...

Today was an awesome day for flying! I mean, the clouds were dissipating and before you knew it, the sun was shining and giving me a darker complexion. By the time I get back to San Diego, I'll be as dark as...(insert the name of your darkest skinned friend that you know here, I'll just abstain from inserting someone)

I did a couple of landings at a different airport with more crosswinds. I was blowing from from 250 and sometimes 220 varying 8-10 knots with gusts of 15 mph. Not that bad, but when you're about the land and think that you're about to touchdown onto the runway, the wind just swirls you back up. Add a little more power, stabilize your approach again and then touchdown. I got some great footage too. I just need to convert these little DV cam videos on to my computer and then somehow get it into quicktime, and can watch the flight too! It's all about the crosswinds here in Florida. 28J is a nice Class Gulf airport ( and and search for 28J if you want to see it) but there isn't anything more to do there than just land and go to the bathroom. We are making some progress with our 4th class tomorrow on slow flight and stalls. I need to go review again.

And yes, flying still makes me sick sometimes especially when I'm in the back seat doing all the callouts and observations. I don't get sick flying, but man, when there is wind turbulence, I'm just hurting!!!