The first day of March started off with me reading the forecasts for today's flight. Everywhere that I intended to go, winds were forecasted for gusting 10-25 knots. Some places even had METARS reporting gusts of even 40 knots. With that in mind, we wanted to make the day short. So, we just flew around 5000 feet, did some maneuvers and then headed back to Flagler to switch out.

Forrest flew first and while we were in the pattern, more specifically, on the 45 degree for an entry on the left downwind from runway 24, there were two planes converging. A Seneca was calling out that he was on a short final (almost to the point of landing) and some Seminole from Main Campus decided to hold short on the runway. Not only that, but right when you thought that the Seminole was going to hold short, it decided to take off. The Seneca had to "go-around" but at the same time, the Seminole had already begun to get airborne. It was crazy! I just kept looking behind my window and kept thinking that they were going to collide. I should have taken a picture. But, so the Seneca finally got back into the pattern and right when it landed, the Seminole was right behind him calling in on final for runway 24. The Seneca never got off the runway and called out that he had a flat. So, Seminole went around and the other 3 people in front of us had to change pattern for runway 29. Runway 24 was closed for about a good 3 hours. It was all hectic. I mean there were about 7-9 people all together.

We landed and it was all good. I got in the pilot's seat and flew for a bit executing the needed maneuvers in near perfection. I finished and went home. Enjoy this pic.