Steep Turns and a Cancellation

So, I was going to fly first today, but I decided to chill. Next thing you know, while we were ramping out of the CAPT Facility, our instructor gets an emergency phone call cutting our time together down to just one lesson for one flyer. That means that Forrest got to do the steep turns and I just sat in the back doing the Secondary Piloting stuff which does include a slew of items. It's really neat to do all the callouts and readbacks, etc. But, so having a lot of time on my hands, I decided to be an artist. What do you guys think?

Side by side. My illustration and a real photo.

It was such a nice day too to go flying. We already made plans to go to St. Augustine (KSGJ) and I was on top of the weather like always. We had a busy traffic pattern and Forrest executed his lesson in an excellent and tremendous effort. So, till tomorrow. I hope that our instructor is alright. :-\