Today was a good flight to St. Augustine. I really got my landings down and got to check out the local Aero Sport Restaurant. That airport really has some money too. There were Citation X, Cirrus' (like about 12) Gulfstreams, just so many other types of planes just "hanging" out.

When I got inside the FBO, I saw a pilot lounge but I didn't feel worthy enough to enter so I just decided to kick it in the planning room for a bit while we just relaxed a bit. Flying is getting a lot better and I'm almost 100% use to it now. That is that I'm getting use to sitting in the back writing and calling out stuff without feeling nauseated.

Can't wait to go back to St. Augustine. Oh yeah, flying in the rain was fun too. Check out this radar from 5:00 EST. Yeah, we were flying in some of that.

We are right in between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. Nearer to the green section.