First Official CAPT Solo

Well, I just finished my solo on Friday, March 11, 2004 and earned my wings. I'll take a picture of them later. Here is a picture of me before I took off in the Diamond DA-40. It was great. My landings were on the money and I definitely feel as if I have learned so much more than what I did while in San Diego. The environment here is so filled with others aspiring and dreaming about flying, it really helps to talk and be surrounded with that everyday.

You guys like the uniform? Adelle asks me what I wear everyday. Being that we have a uniform, I rarely am in "street" clothes. I am just in between my uniform and pajamas everyday. Even on the weekends, not having a car and all, I'm just at home, in my pajamas studying.

So, this upcoming week, we're going to be concentrating on the cross country flying parts of things. I'm actually the first in the whole group to solo and am the only one with the wings. Hopefully my partner will get his this Tuesday. I can't wait to finally get my Private Pilots License!