to Saint Petersburg or to Not St. Petersburg

I put on a new tie, I iron my shirt and got out of the house feeling good about tonight's flight. I look up and see clouds beginning to gather. Not a good sign. To top it off, we are assigned N807ER which was just bashed up by the other crew on a botched short field landing. They hit the tail of the airplane really hard on approach and cancelled the rest of the flight. I decided that for tonight's cross country, I wanted a plane that was without recent incident. We got N802ER. Excited, we continue to plan along.

So, after preflighting the plane, getting my course VFR Plan all precise, I sit in the back of the plane and get ready for flight. I call out the checklists and we're off. Forrest is at the helm. We begin to make for a Left Downwind Departure after taking off on Runway 11, a low and behold, the front moves in. We notice some bright lightning bolts straight off to Daytona Beach and up north to St. Augustine. So, we stay in the pattern, do a go around and try to climb higher and circle a bit to get a better look at the oncomming weather. Before you know it, while facing towards 210 (our intended course) we see a myriad of bolts and flashes. In conclusion, we ground ourselves and are forced to watch the skies above until we get another shot at the night VFR Cross Country flight on Monday.

I'll update ya till then.

Thanks mom for understanding about letting me get the V6. I love you so much and I know that you are supporting me in everything that I do.