Are we in San Diego?

This is probably the best picture of us caught in the act of being dazed and confused in Florida! I was confused about what the heck I was doing here and Du was just having fun. This candid was just a misunderstanding! Honestly!!! Duong came out for her Pharm. Conference and I was able to round up some people that just finished some testing at CAPT to come out w/ us to Pleasure Island which was convieniently on our way home from Tampa Bay. You might be asking what I was doing in Tampa Bay? I got to meet some of Manoj's family and have authentic Indian food. It was amazing. To say the least, the house was incredible and the family was more than accommodating. The food was amazing! (did I say that already?) But now, off to studying. Dancing was fun and for the first time since being here (3 months and counting) I was able to let go and have a little fun again. I can't wait for Adelle to come out here again now that I have a car! Miss you babe!

Not the best pictures of us eh?