Stage II

My Cross Country Flight was amazing! There were P3s circling Runway 11 while I was entering the final leg for Runway 6 at Gainsville. Good stuff. I landed safely, took a breather and then head to another airport for a landing and then back home. This was all yesterday (April 6th). Today was a review of cross wind, soft field, short field landings. The first one of each was rocky, but after that, it was all good from there.

So where do I stand now? I'm awaiting a time slot for my Stage II exam. This consists of the Cross Country Checkride, diversion and emergency procedures, then I'll only have about 1.5 weeks till private oral and checkride. Kind of scary how fast we are moving but this is the pace that I wanted back at home. Wish me luck!

To top it off, I have a presentation due tomorrow, a final in CAPT Safety, Stage II check, Adelle is coming into town, and the oral that I have to get ready for! Should make for an interesting week!