Around the Corner

So, I have about three more lessons before the Oral Exam for Private Pilot and the final Checkride. It's getting intense and my review sessions still aren't going that well. I keep on getting distracted and end up baking cookies and eating them with ice cream. Now, I have this crazy headache and things are just going bust! Wish me luck. It should be right around the corner either this week or next. I'll keep you guys informed.


oh yeah, I want a piano now too. I think that is could ease my pains a little bit. I'll aim for 1 song a week or maybe a month. We'll see. Any recommendations around here in the Jacksonville Area for piano distributors? Not looking to spend that much, but shoot, I got quoted $38,900 and I want it! <-- Baby Grand Model S Steinway and Sons. I know that I don't deserve it cause I can't play jack crap. Someone come here and give me some lessons again. How can I get better?