DisneyWORLD not DisneyLand

So, Adelle and I went to DisneyWorld thinking that the "Magic Kingdom" portion of the park would resemble much of the park in LA. To our dismay, it is half the size with a lot of other attractions not in the mix. Apparently, they are at the other Parks such as Disney-MGM, Epcot, Animal Kingdom or whatever else. To top it off, we paid a huge price for such a small park. But, it was amazing to be with buddy once again.

Sorry joogs that I didn't write about our weekend. I should have! It was so great that Adelle came by. She cooked some Chicken Adobe for me and my friends for dinner the last night she was here. And she surprised me with some Filipino treats! I got 2 different bags of Pan de Sal, Sia Pao, and a bag of frozen lumpias. It was great! I love lumpia!

I had a great flight today. I'm only 1-2 more flights away from my Checkride and I have about 4 hours of recorded Private Pilot Oral Examinations. I have to transpose them all, but it should be fun! I can't wait. Hopefully I'll do alright. Wish me luck!