So I'm back! Not in San Diego but in civilization. Barnes and Nobles!!! I'm telling you. It brings me back to that feeling that I had in the Mira Mesa one back in San Diego. There are people of all sorts here. Young Adults my age and other ethnicities here and there. Its nice to study again and just be in the presence of "others."

Just finished studying 3 hours straight for my Private Pilot Oral Exam. I have a Pre-Oral on Monday. My Mooney Pilot Buddy, Andy, told me how he did it. He had everything all set on a table with notes everywhere. I want to be ready just like the way he was. I want to be the best of the best and I will be secluding myself this entire weekend to get it down packed.

My landings today were great. I greased them in but I would still rate them to be either an 8 or 9 (out of 10) only because I know that I can't get it that perfect yet. Maybe, but I'm hard on myself all the time as you guys might know already. I got my Final Checkride on either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Its creeping up so fast.

stress, steak, steak