First Day on Instrument Training

Well, today marks the first day of our (AB05-01 <-- our class number) path towards flying into and around inside the clouds. I'm getting excited already because this is the stuff that I have no idea on. I mean, before signing up at CAPT, I had a couple of hours already with some book knowledge. I was ready for Private Pilot Ground. Now, I am completely heading into CAPT 301 with no existing knowledge. It'll be kind of neat to see how I learn and develop into a full rated Instrument Rated Single Engine Private Pilot.

I also got my Temporary Airman's Certificate along with my Embry Riddle Certificate of Completion. That is defintely plaque (regular black frame only) worthy. Local FBOs look out! j/k

There is also a new ACE award which is almost annalogous to the Top Gun award given in the Top Gun Movie to Iceman and Slider. Plaque on the wall and everything. It's different than graduating top of the class because it is awarded by our fellow peers and instructors at CAPT. *daydream sequence*