Weather Report for Daytona Beach
An intense hailstorm pounded Daytona Beach this morning, with marble- and golf ball-sized hail coming down so hard in some areas it piled up like snowdrifts.

Westbound traffic on U.S. 92 rolls past piles of hail resembling snowbanks following an intense hailstorm between Tomoka Farms Road and LPGA Boulevard.

The National Weather service said 3 inches of hail fell, blanketing streets and sidewalks along International Speedway Boulevard and damaging 25 Embry-Riddle Aeronatical University aircraft at Daytona Beach International Airport.

This is the kind of weather that I go through each and everyday. It's crazy down here. As of 4:03 pm EST, there is still thunderstorms everywhere and the rain is still pouring. Apparently, if I lived in Daytona Beach, just about 20 miles south, my car would have been pelted with hail. And yes, permanent little pock marks. Good thing.

classroom update: I am learning about the pitot-static system and have yet another quiz tomorrow on the material covered today. It's a great pace that we go through here at CAPT. We move onto Gyros tomorrow in class and then just keep trucking along. This Friday, we have another graduation with lunch being served. Should be fun as yet again, more airline representative are visiting us. :-) Go CAPT!!!