1st Quiz in Instrument = Faillure

Well, not to anyone's surprises, to say the least not to my own, I missed 5 out of 20 given on today's quiz. Not becase I was not smart enough, but because of my complacency. Story is: By the time I finsihed reading question 20, I went to go my my scantron type paper and noticed that I was marking box 19. So, guess what? My answers were mismarked. Luckily, they were all "C" down the row. I doubled check which question I didn't read, and noticed that I only fumbled at 17. So, I read, then re-mark my paper and moved on.

As we are grading the test, I knew that I was for sure going to miss 2, maybe three. I got my test back and it had a big "-5" at the top. Confused and outraged, I looked and notice and re-read question 17 and 18. I knew the answers, looked at my paper and figured out that I corrected 18 instead of 17. There goes 2 points. Another question, I just mismarked B instead of C, or whichever. This sh*t sucks.

I have another quiz tomorrow which I have to ace. I am last in the class. Not that these quizzes really matter or count towards anything, its just for me and my competitive nature to do the best. Manoj missed 0 and he'll have to miss 5 somewhere along the way just for us to get even. I can't believe it. What a way to start my instrument course. =( Gyroscopes quiz tomorrow!! Can't wait! Oh yeah, we have another graduation ceremony to attend. Lunch provided. I think that I can get use to these "hanger" graduations every couple of months. At CAPT, they graduate multiple classes at once because of the sizes of each. But remember, there is only one ACE award per class.