A good day!

So, today started with the fact that our first Qualifying Event for Instrument Ground wouldn't start until 10:00 am. That left me comfortable time to go to bed, sleep in a little bit and study some more. I realized while I was at home reviewing with Laura that the software I was using was giving me questions that were too advanced already and some of the questions that I needed to know, I have never seen. I started to get nervous then.

As always, the test started out w/ me being confused about the basic VOR / HSI indicators and knowing where the airplane was in respects to the station. After I got that sorted out, I started turning pale / green and the professor handed out the test. He laughed a bit because I also dry heaved again right before. I finished early as always, but sat in my chair doubting a lot of the primary / secondary instrument answers that I jotted down.

We got out at 11:30 am and left for a lunch at home to be back at 12:45 pm. We got back and while in the car, Manoj tells me that he thinks he missed four, so that means that I missed some ridiculous number. To my surprise, I missed only 1, but of course, Manoj didn't miss any. So, once again I am one behind. It's not that I'm competing w/ him or wanting him to do worse than me, but that just the fact that I can do just as well. I honestly didn't push myself that hard, but that's always my excuse. I have to make it a reality to actually and try to get this done. Well, until Stage II, I better keep up or even get farther ahead. =)

We are moving on to approaches, departures and enroute procedures which should be fun! We organized our Jeppesen Airway Charts today. That was fun. Learned a lot too but there is always time to keep reviewing.

"A good pilot never stops practicing." <-- yes that means that he is always learning, even when flying passengers! j/k...well, kind of =)