Laundry and Holding Patterns

So I'm doing my laundry and cleaning up around the house because Adelle and Corrine (or maybe its Corrinne or Corinne) are coming in tomorrow night. I end up washing everything and only notice as each loads goes through the dryer that it is unusually hot. So far so good up until my last load.

The last shirt that I have to hang up, I pick up and it is my favorite new shirt (a black (040) Penguin Shirt regular polo from Nordes) mind ya, I find a huge hole. Did the dryer burn it? I read the directions, which I'm usually good at, and its says okay. Well, it says reshape and dry flat, warm iron if needed. So I assume that it shouldn't be that bad.

WTF? My dryer is just freaking too good I guess? So careful everyone. It was set to medium too!!! I'm pissed!

School is going well. We did holding patterns today. It was really nice actually understanding and getting all the details on today's lecture. It'll be nice to actually simulate one in the King Air. The workload is a lot different when you have a lot of time in class and a huge piece of paper to draw things out. I'm excited. We are halfway through I guess with Instrument Ground.