Well, just like Fridays, there is nothing to do here on Saturday. Today though was different than other of the mundane weekends. I went to sleep late because it was so hot and had a hard time just trying to relax. The thermostat read 75 degrees but it feels like a bloody 87.3 degrees. I'm just kidding about that precision, but its ridiculous. To top it off, its humid. Believe it!!! Humid inside my house! What the hell...wait it feels like hell. So, I research and phone a friend.

I've been noticing the air duct being dusty lately, and I just didn't want to open it up. Today though, I got the guts. To my surprise, the air filter was completely ripped off from its cardboard, filled w/ dust (actually caked on like a cream cheese on rye) and just lying on the tubing. I jot down the size, look up the website on the side of the framing and learn more about it. I head to the famous Home Depot, navigate to aisle 32, query a gentleman standing around holding an air filter and decide on two different brands. Knowing my indecisiveness, the brand that I was about to choose was the one listed on the website. The lady who directed me to aisle 32 showed up and asked how I was doing. She told me to get the more expensive one. I bought 3. Apparently you are suppose to change air filter every 90 days or on how often you use the air conditioning. Its been 6 months since I moved in. Who knows how long the previous owner had it in. I mean, the filter looked like it went to Iraq.

Knowing is half the battle. Stupid G.I. Joe. Always knowing.

I was so bored today, I practiced piano, listen to Sirius channel 64 (Chill), ran ~2 miles in the morning and ~3 in the evening. Shoot...I need a gym around. Oh yeah, I also read and refamiliarized myself with aircraft instruments. I'm going to head to bed now. Can't wait for another all happening Sunday. Oh yeah, if you are in Florida, my roommates felt like throwing a party. Come over to Club Zorlou.