4th of July Party on the 3rd

So, yeah...we decided to party on the Sunday because those who fly on Tuesday can't drink (well, not over drink) on the real fourth which is today, Monday. We got a half keg which lasted quite a while, made some dip from scratch (Guac, pico de gallo, salsa <-- all Laura's recipes but I think I got it down), some homemade hamburger patties and had a good time. Dave brought over some cookies that he made from scratch and Will Wang made some awesome apple sauce. People had a good time, but to make this blog short, alcohol, I don't think, makes for a necessarily good party. It does in moderation but things easily do get out of hand. Mostly, emotions get thrown all over the place. I didn't even have one sip and I don't think that I wanted it. I'm kind of over it a little bit. Who knows though, I might just get plastered sometime from now. (I highly doubt it though) This is a picture before it "started" in my backyard party. (left to right: Rusty's Dad, Rusty, Cameron, Dave M., Manoj, and myself) I have to give a shout out to Matt Elliott though. He called me this afternoon (Monday around 12:00ish) and offered to up clean up. I thought that was awesome. But, knowing me, at least my new me and independent from my family who usually cleans, I stayed up till 5:00 cleaning like mad. I mean, it looked as if we didn't have a party except for keg on the kitchen floor and some towels. I did the dishes, took out the trash (with the help of Manoj) and it was a good time. I even got on my knees and wiped the stupid floor from people tracking green moss from the cement deck in the backyard. And yes, I did it in my 7 Jeans and Lacoste shirt. It's just clothes right?!

I miss my Lisa! <3