Looks like we got a live one! Hurricane Dennis was upgraded today at 5:47 PM EDT from a Tropical Storm and is headed into the Gulf of Mexico. Stay on top of it at: I don't think that it will affect us that much, but looks like just maybe the Launch of the "upgraded" space shuttle might be in limbo. Maybe not. If not, I'm totally going to be checking that stuff out.

Today, Manoj and I did 3 GPS approaches each. I flew out of Space Coast Regional Airport / Titusville (KTIX) , which is almost right next to the Shuttle Pad, and then ended up executing the GPS 9 back into KTIX followed by the GPS 34 into Daytona Beach Airport (KDAB) and then finally back into Flagler Airport (X47) with the GPS 6 Approach full stop. They all went rather smooth. I missed one call because I was briefing the approach and my CDI deflfection was a little to the left on the final approach. Nothing too bad. All in all, I'm looking forward to the 2nd stage check. Tomorrow, is all about ILS approach and Localizer Approaches. Hopefully they won't be too bad. I think that we are planning approaches into Orlando airports (Executive and Sanford.)

Hope that the links I provided helped out with the exacts of what I have to do. Click on them. You don't have to neccessarily know exactly what they are, but each chart will show you some information on what I'm talking about. These procedures are what airplanes do before getting to the final destination airport.