I didn't get to do any flying today because of time constraints, but I had fun watching in the rear. We executed an ILS approach into Daytona Beach Airport Runway 7L followed by a handoff into Class Bravo into Orlando Sanford (ILS 9) and back into KDAB for a localizer approach into 7L. Of course, we had to get back to school so, we asked for the GPS 11 approach back into Flagler. It was a long flight but everything went pretty smooth. I hope that tomorrow I'll get to execute the same if not similiar.

Apparently, CAPT has already designated their evacuation plan pilots for their planes. I'm so far down the seniority list that I won't be onboard. Oh well. Maybe next time. Looks like I was right though in saying that Dennis was definitely going to reach CAT 3 status but I didn't think that it would do it that soon. Hopefully we'll be alright. If you haven't noticed, there are more storms headed our way brewing in the Eastern Pacific. Check out the radar. and then just navigate into the radar pages on the left hand column.