Tailwheels and 90 degree turns

I had my first tail wheel experience today. I now want to get my rating in it too. Should be fun. Flying stick was great. I fly stick today, but the old fashioned long stick was awesome! I flew a 1982 Decathalon Bellanca (2990D). I only flew back seat and tried to execute a 90 degree turn, but was uncoordinated. I couldn't see the turn back indicator at all but I didn't lose that much alt.

In only 7 hours, I will be conducting my Stage II Instrument Proficiency Test, which is one of the hardest in the program. I will be exectuing 3 approaches total and a hold. More specfically, a GPS Approach into KOMN, followed by the GPS 9L into KSFB, Followed by a hold at OMN and then the VOR-A into X47. I should make it alright but we'll see. Look for an update entry at 1800 EDT. If I do pass, I have the final EOC (End of Course) Checkride this coming Friday or sometime the following week.