Alternator Failure

Manoj decided to space out his three approaches with 48 NM in between where as I thought that I might as well make the GPS transition into the ILS right away. So my flight plan was as follows: Depart Flagler 11 turn West bound and call up Daytona for the GPS 8 into KOMN followed by the ILS 7L into KDAB then hold over OMN VOR followed by the VOR-A into X47. Everything was going well up until the following chaos. I was established on the ILS 7L (DA = 255) and when I was maintaining GS and Locailzer, somewhere around 400 MSL, the Check Instructor had not called out Airport Environment insight and he ended up pulling the Alternator CB on me. Of course, I flew to 255 and executed missed, pulled out the QRH, called Tower to go missed and went back to Daytona Approach to get my holding instructions. As all this was happening, Daytona didn't ask to call when I was ready to copy the instructions, but instead just gave them to me right away. I determined that I had to execute a Tear Drop Entry and I got that just fine. I got the Alternator back somewhere on my climb out from the MAP. After a few laps in the hold (more like 2 laps) I asked Daytona for the approach into x47. So far everything was good. I noticed that again, the check instructor pulled another CB (the flaps) and then when I was getting vectors for the VOR-A the DG and Attitude Indicator went out. So flying with the compass was great, but the AI was all over the place. I didn't have a post-it to help cover the brown on top and finally when I was 1 DME from the FAF, I lowered the flaps and nothing came down. I decsended to the MDA (560), went visual and executed a no flap landing approach at 100 knots. It was a great landing but I did glide about 50% down the 5000" Runway. I had fun, and I didn't get the instruments that I lost while on the approach back until I was taxiing back into the ramp.

All in all, I learned a lot and now I'm officially gearing up for my EOC (End of Course) Checkride and Oral. I can't say that I'm that ready and prepared for it, but I'll be doing a lot of studying.