This is hell week...

I'm studying like crazy for my Instrument Oral Exam as well as the EOC (End of Course Checkride). Today's flight as well as last night's helped me out quite a bit in making sure that I was ready for the actual rate ride. So far so good and I have within PTS. I want to make things perfect but we'll see how it goes on Wednesday. I have a Pre-Oral tomorrow w/ our instructor and I hope that I am adequate enough to show her what I know. I hope also to learn new pointers before I go in on Wednesday.

CAPT is getting crazy with all the news happening around the facility. More or less, we are getting students left and right with a new July class of 6-8 students. I saw 4 today and I think the others are joining in tomorrow. I'm happy to see my school doing well. It means that we are on the right track. So, basically if you are interested in the program, I would apply now and start as soon as possible. Rumor has it that a waitlist is starting to form for various start dates!

Sidenote: This could be my last week in single engine training.