It's been a while...Stage II is here

Stage II is tomorrow which marks the beginning of multi-engine ground training. I am officially transitioning from single to multi. I can't wait. The beast that we are flying isn't what I thought it would be (DA-42) but the PA44 is good enough.

Tonight at Dave McGaffney's house, we had a dinner party and I'm here blogging away while people are drinking. It's good stuff. The tablet PC that I'm using is also pretty pimp. I must hand it to Toshiba in making them more affordable these days. I should have bought one myself.

I'll try to take a picture as soon as I can on my first flight in the Seminole. I'll also be in San Diego on the 4th of September for the weekend until I head over to FCI Training in Phoenix (Mesa), Arizona. Then I'll be able to come back to SD for a couple of more days. So, if anyone is in town then, give me a call.