The beginning, all over again!

So, after a day of Stage II (94% only because I miss marked two different questions) we embarked on learning all about the new forces that impact the aircraft due to the fact of having multiple engines primarily on a conventional aircraft (dual counter-rotating propellers.) We got assigned a massive amount of HW which I still have yet to finish up and memorize, but only because I was sitting in the back of N208CA (PA-44 Seminole) for the entire night just observing Justin, Tek and their instructor, Mike Anstis execute approaches and complete their lesson. It was a great experience in that I now know what is ahead of me. I look foward to it. This is Tek and Me in the back seat observing the pilot flying.

During our flight we got to see quite a bit of cloud to cloud lightning and even some air to ground as well. Being that it got dark rather fast, the lightning was so bright that it was messing me up quite a bit. I guess you have to get use to that.