Another Tropical Storm and Google Talk!

This one is cutting through the state this time at the tip, but we should be getting some significant winds from it. This is definitely something to watch out for, but some of you might not know, there is even a larger threat that is still far out at sea rigth now and growing. It's still not a developed Troical Depression, but hey, they have to start somewhere and somehow. <-- I'm on there everyday at every hour.

Oh yeah, if you want a Google GMAIL account, you should get one, just leave me a comment or something. Google also just released their new IM service. It's call Google Talk It's very under developed, but I'm sure that they are working on it everyday. It's awesome too how it works with a lot of other clients. Hey, it event integrates with iChat for Mac OSX Tiger! It's interesting to see what's going on. People are starting to speculate large developments too! They are making references to a Google inspired OS. Who knows? Should be interesting.