Got it!

I finally got my official Florida Drviers License with the Motorcycle endorsement. It's actually kind of nice since they changed it. I like. Still not as good as the California one, but pretty comprable. I also updated the daily picture blog. (make sure you click on the Treo 650 (the phone) next to this reading) I waited at DMV for 2 hours!!! It was great! I mean exciting. I spoke to some guy for about 1.5 hours, studied a bit for my Friday final, spoke to Adelle on the phone and played MVP Baseball on the PSP for a bit.

Adelle called me today and she told me that the e-mail on the cruise ship was $2.00 to send one and $2.00 to receive. It was ludicris I thought. She finally bought a local phone card in Vigo, Spain and was able to talk for quite a while. It was good to hear her voice. I guess that you can say, this has been the longest that we haven't seen each other. I can't wait till I get back to SD on Sept. 3rd. I also just found out that both the planes that I am checked out in are in for their 100 hour maintenance check. So far, they don't have them coming back online for quite a while which sucks. I planned on flying quite a bit and even taking up a couple of people. Oh well, I can only hope now.

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