1 out of 4 PA44s

We have 4 Piper Seminoles at CAPT. This morning there were four but by the time I got to campus 1.5 hrs before our scheduled flight, I found out that all four were down. N923ER was getting a new engine back at main campus, N926ER had a high oil pressure reading, N935ER was also getting the same indications and would be ready later, but it was going to a student who had a DE ride, and N208CA was down for a broken attitude indicator. Seems as if, I have written up almost all these planes for something and I'm only on lesson 9 of private multi. 208CA get a new atttidue indicator but it was a rebuilt one and I guess that it just tumbled again. All four planes should be up tomorrow and ready to go. Manoj and I arne't necessarily using our time wisely because we ended up just hanging out for 2 hours at school doing nothing, went home and watched the rest of Disc 6 of Lost Season 1.

I tried to edit the template of my new Tech blog and posted two reviews and announcements. So far so good. How can I drive traffic to the site now?

This weekend should be fun. We are having a BBQ at CAPT tomorrow at 1700 EDT. It is the first social event that we are having. I look forward to it.