Approaches and Nathan's Hot Dogs

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Manoj and I began doing single engine approaches in the Piper Seminole around the Daytona Beach Area starting with the VOR 17 into KOMN immediately followed by the ILS 7L into KDAB x 2 and then ending with the GPS 11 back into X47 (Flagler County Airport). It was a good time. Of course, we got the engine out right when we turned onto final within 4 miles DME of the OMN VOR. Manoj and flying and trying to maneuver while I was actually just acting as pilot monitoring. Flying those approaches with an emergency on your hands is a bit difficult. I am definitely sure though that with the training that CAPT will give us and emphasis on this kind of flying will only make us better pilots. Its amazing how much "emergency" type situations we are put through. We then continued to KDAB and just finished up the lesson with 1.9 on the Hobbs. I wasn't able to do my lesson because of duty time and the fact that we were having a CAPT BBQ. Nathan's Grilled Hot Dogs, chips and Diet Coke, it was a good afternoon. I actually ate three dogs today. Good stuff.

I told my girlfriend just recently, that here at CAPT, we fly for the fun of learning but about 90% of what we learn and practice is for the "just in case" type scenario. That is a good reason why we, pilots, earn the bucks. Just think of how much training and recurrent training we have to go through. Fly with me, and I'll show you what I know. Of course, there are many others that are much more knowledgeable, but come on, I can get your from point A to point B. Not too many people can.

I also got to ride my friend's Triumph Bonneville 800 cc bike around the block and bit. I then took it back to Flagler Airport's Restaurant called High Jackers which is about 3 miles away. It was a nice ride and I got to approximately 50 mph. Good stuff. It was my first time riding at night, let alone a bike on the street, but I had a blast. Yes, I had full protection and was clicking my lights every time I saw an automobile coming. I would love to ride with other people all the time. It's different riding by yourself because you can hear your own voice all the time. There is no music or nothing. Just the sound of cars, the wind and the feeling of anxiety inside. Maybe I'll get a chance to ride it by the ocean. I've heard that it is a good cruise up the shore.

Here's a picture of the bike: