Too busy on 125.8

We switched out back at X47 and began our flight over the ocean to practice some maneuvers. I did a power off stall, and a Vmc demo along with an Emergency Descent. I must admit that I need another flight to keep my currency in doing those maneuvers. They weren't that pretty. I was getting mixed up and confused on what things to do inside the plane. So, yes I will end up doing them again tomorrow.

After we were done, we flew around a bit listening in to Daytona approach and got ready for just the VOR-A back into Flagler. After about 10 mins, we just decided to head back because we couldn't get a word in. It was almost as if, they didn't hear us. Our radios checked fine, but due to time constraints, we had to head back. I was a little disappointed in my flight today, but I know that we a little bit more paper flying (sitting in front of a diagram of the inside of the Piper Seminole PA44) I will be able to get the steps down packed. I was even studying at dinner today. Of course right now, I'm not studying at all, but whatever.

We have another graduation tomorrow which should pose for some good fun. Time to talk and get to know everyone again. It's weird knowing that I am the third ranked senior in the Piston stage of things at CAPT. I remember walking in like the little kid who didn't know what was going on. I still don't anything but that's probably because I'm comparing myself to the ones ahead of me. I think that its kind of cool!