One of those days...

Two thumbs up! I must say that today was "one of those days" but in a good sense. It was the day that I needed after a couple of those "seven out of ten" flights that made me feel confident that I would be ready for next week. I need to study an awful lot, but it's what weekends are for. Now that there is football, the weekend has turned into only Saturday.

My roommate, Matty P. came along for the ride as an observer to check up on Manoj and I. He's in the interment phase of flying right now and just wanted to see what the Seminole was all about. With the added weight, we took 10 less gallons of fuel and knew that our short fields and maneuvers were going to be to a little different. When I say different, I mean by how the plane was going to react due to the added weight and shift in center of gravity. Manoj's flight went really well in which it was something that I was faced to compete with. I mean, I didn't need to out perform him, but the standard was set pretty high. He flew the wings off of the PA44.

I executed two short field landings, one with a feather like landing and the other a little on the rough side due to my foot being on the top part of the rudder controls on landing (that's where the brakes are). I did a "textbook" power-off stall and then a power-on stall followed by an emergency descent. It was great. I felt really good about everything. I was back to where I was just a week prior. I guess you might say that I'm just more experienced! I love flying!

There was a graduation that took place today. Another 5 cadets were given their diplomas and 4 bar epaulets. I hope that they are placed right away. We also had a little dinner get together at my house in the evening which turned out to be pretty chill. Some of the new guys came over for Laura's Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes and Deviled Eggs. It was good stuff. Now, I'm about to head off to bed and wake up bright and early for some studying! Can't wait!