Its a go...

Read the title! So far, its a go for the first part out of 4 final exams regarding my private multi exam and checkride. We always have one oral and checkride exam in house before they sign us out for the Designated Examiner (DE) Oral and Checkride. I'm going to make this one short.

I woke up today and saw that we had the storm just off of our coast named Tammy. It's good stuff. Also, basically no one flew today but it was good for Manoj and I because we had some good time reviewing the aircrafts systems, etc. I still have quite a bit to go over before I feel fully confident, but I'll get right to it as soon as I finish updating this. I'm addicted now. I can't stop. I mean 7 full entries yesterday alone! This is my second one today and I still have yet to updated the other fulltime blog. I'm trying to make the trelijah one fulltime, but sometimes the Sprint Photo library connection isn't available. Whatever that may mean.

The storm is moving upward parallel to our coast, but it isn't really dropping that much rain here just yet. Most of the weather is to the northeast and north of the eye, which we kind of got to see. It was kind of neat. Calm and stuff. The trees aren't blowing that crazy anymore. If you look at radar constantly, you can see that there is another little bugger brewing just south of the Florida peninsula, just a little south of Cuba. If you are too lazy, head over to and check out all they have. The satellite images are awesome. Here's what I'm currently looking at: