First real AMEL PIC time

After logging my checkride as PIC, today was the first real log, without testing the anxiety factors. To my dismay, the flight wasn't that great at all. You probably would have been asking how the heck I received my ticket. I guess you can attribute it to being very tired and weary (preflight was at 6:00 AM EDT). I was just so drained. I stayed awake for Manoj's ride and when I got in front, I just started to get sloppy. I wasn't holding altitude well nor was I actually cleaning up the plane due procedure. I was a mess. Oh well...I'll do better next week.

We might evacuate this weekend actually when H.Wilma comes along. It'll be really interesting. I'm excited for the flight. I'll definitely be posting daily as I hear more news on this.

I also got my first iPod today from my one and only. Go over to TECH Rants for the small words. I'll have a review soon enough.