Well, being that Hurricane Wilma is right around the corner, I had some recurrency training yesterday in the DA40. It was fun to fly that plane again. The landings were nice and smooth and I was even impressed. We did three approaches and because it wasn't a checkride, we got to act as a crew. I had the Standards Manager, Wes Treco as my co-pilot. It is so intimidating to fly with him because he's so well trained. He's just an overall awesome pilot. He did all my radios and configured the avionics accordingly. I shot three approaches and finished up. I did all this because I was almost at the 90 day mark for DA40 flying. Now, I might get to rent it when Adelle gets here. That should be fun.

I got a call this morning at about 11 EDT just to notify us that we were not going to be evacuating today. We are still on standby for 8 AM EDT Sunday until the evening and even till perhaps Monday morning. It'll be interesting to see what ends up happening. I'm starting to feel how it is being on standby. I just need a pager now!