I have to say that the past two weekends that I have had a chnace to relax by going out have been both huge, major busts! I mean, I don't expect anything anymore of Daytona Beach, but at least some gratifying notion of social life would help out the demeaning character of this hell hole. Whew...that was a mouthful.

Well, looks like Hurricane Wilma has come and gone. It's a good thing I guess. I got a free hour in the DA40 and I'm ready to leave whenever another storm hits. Come to think of it, the season is slowly but surely almost to and end and without any harm to my residence. Is this just a quirky notion that I should sell the house before some devastates my neighborhood? *Ummmm*

I walked outside today and the weather is amazingly frigid. I mean, it was if I was standing in some snow in Big Bear! It was nice. I almost had to get a jacket for the 2 minutes that I was outside checking the mail. I'm loving this. Good thing for cold fronts. ^_^