wake up call to no plane

I had a feeling that I might need two alarms for the morning, so last night, I set one at 5:40 AM and the other at 6:20 AM. Did that work? Nope... Instead Manoj gave me a, "Where are you?" call around 7:30 (I just got up like 2 minutes before) and notified me that we were on standby waiting for resources. Of course when I say resources, its none other than the PA44. Three out of our four were down and one was out. We stuck around for our instructor who then just told us to go home and wait for a call. We got one, but it was the news that we had been cancelled. Oh well!

Adelle is ocming this Friday! I do have night flights so that's going to stink up the night time events, but the morning and afternoons should be fun! What do you want to do babe?!